Buddy Willard

Commercially focused and entrepreneurial executive consultant with over 20 years international experience specialising in designing, building, transforming or re-energising an organisation’s shared service back office, creating a lasting vanguard business partner regardless of sector.

Buddy has a successful track record of delivering large-scale operational turnaround, significant outsourcing arrangements, direct cost reductions, process improvements, process automations and performance transformation to the highest standards including IPOs, divestments, organisational design and major outsourcing arrangements.

Distinctive in being able to spearhead change at a remarkable pace within operations, processes, systems and teams to the most demanding requirements. Delivering through empowered individuals and engendering very high levels of commitment. Promoting an open, enjoyable, cohesive environment that secures loyalty from teams and peers.

An approachable mentor and sounding board at all levels within the organisation with the ability to form strong relationships and understanding with the ground staff to deliver impactful results timely and efficiently.